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French President Emmanuel Macron Makeup Expense is Trending on Internet – Check The Details Here

French President Emmanuel Macron Makeup Expense

He is one of the fresh faces in French politics. Emmanuel Macron, the present President of France, has expensed $30,000 in the first three months of his President’s tenure, just for his Face Makeup!

You’re shocked right! Well, it has become a hot news all around the world. The French magazine Le Point, revealed it on Thursday that France’s 39-year-old new President has spent 26,000 euros ($30,000) on makeup services in his first three months in office. Detailing,  $10,000 a month, or about $330 a day. All at taxpayers’ expense.


The makeup expense has turned into a scandal and people are reacting very quickly over this latest one. Afterall, ‘The President should not expense this much’. According to Le Point, the Elysee Palace paid a makeup artist on two occasions: Once for 10,000 euros, and then again for 16,000 euros. The fees was for the makeup of the President for news conferences, public appearances and various travels.

A spokesperson for the Elysee, which faced sharp and swift criticism, announced on French TV that the budget “will be reduced significantly.” In France, the average disposable annual income per capita is roughly 25,000 euros ($29,700), according to the OCED. That is slightly less than Macron’s makeup expenditure.


Well, the President is facing criticism over his makeup expenses, which is right as well. He must not be using the taxpayers money in such an unnecessary manner.

Macron’s opponents wasted no time in piling on the criticism. Francois Asselineau, a former presidential contender who advocated of “Frexit,” wrote on Twitter: “The image of France once again humiliated. With his 26k (euro) of makeup per quarter, #Macron becomes the laughingstock of the entire planet.”

So the French President now needs to be absolutely aware of his expenses and not to make it more than actually required.

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