Have a Friend Who Is the Biggest Ditcher of Plans? These Killer Shayaris Are for You!

Shayaris are the best way to experience the innermost emotions in an artful and thoughtful way. With the help of shayaris, you can insult someone without them even knowing it. We all love shayaris so much that we made some up for our best friends who due to their hectic busy schedule end up canceling our hangouts. These so-called best friends were a major part of our lives at some point, but with time, they have drifted apart. We do hang out from time to time, but sometimes they ditch us.

So, the next time if your BFF ditches you, make sure you use these savage shayaris:

  1. The Infamous Roses Are Red Poem:

Goa is too far dude! It would waste precious working time! How will I pay for our hangouts if I don’t earn?

  1. Very, Very Bright! Schedule Is Tight:

Dude, why do you worry so much? We can reschedule. I got a call from a Japanese client. Couldn’t miss it! I’m sorry.

  1. Zindagi Ki Na Toote Ladi:

It’s not like that bro. Whatever I am doing, I am doing for you guys. So, just calm down!

  1. When You Are Completely Fed Up of the Bullshit:

Look buddy! Let’s hang out soon and discuss this. Don’t take any rash decision. Drop me a message and I’ll schedule a meeting for us!

  1. Tere Jaisa Ditcher:

C’mon dude. You are exaggerating now. I don’t ditch you all the time. It was just this time!!

All you can hear from these ditchers are excuses. Finally, you would have something to say to them too!

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