Funniest #MyWorstSummerJob Tweets That You Would Definitely Laugh At

Recently, Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show read out some of the most whimsical tweets from the latest trending hashtag #MyWorstSummerJob. Here is a clip of him from The Tonight Show:

Going through the #MyWorstSummerJob hashtag on Twitter, we found some golden tweets as well! Here are some of the humorous ones that we found:

  1. The Scanning Tatum Job:

Well, if you use the copier so much, he could have called you a Minion from Despicable Me too! Don’t you remember the scene where Minions use the copier to photocopy their butts!!

  1. Lifesaver Turned Pervert:

I’m confused! Isn’t there a uniform for lifeguards? How can she mistake you for watching her?

  1. Weird and Creepy Summer Job:

I don’t even know what to say for this one!

  1. Unreasonable Customers:

It’s like the customer wanted him to spit in his food before getting it back. Sometimes customers can really be the dumbest creatures in the world.

  1. Another Dumb Customer Moment:

If you walk into a $1 Store then it is obviously going to cost $1 only! Why do you even bother to ask the cost of the products? Weird psyche!! It’s like the cashier asking whether the customer has change or not! It is obvious that if he had change, he would have given it!!

  1. Customers are Really Dumb!

They turn the water off when god comes down and helps Noah build an arc! Wait a minute! That is how the water started not turned off. Maybe I’m dumb too!!

  1. It Is Not on the Menu:

It is a high end senior’s retirement community, so you can expect that from them. @simpsonAmy0619 could be a little more considerate about their condition!! But I can understand how it was the worst job! Even the sweetest people get frustrated sometimes!

All of us have had the worst summer jobs, but it is a good thing that the above mentioned people made a joke out of them and laughed them off!

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