The Funny Bone Sometimes Tickles in the Most Gruelling Drill

Everyone knows how difficult it is to clear the IIM written and then to face the interview. These interviews are known to grill the person both extensively and intensively and the candidate needs not only in-depth knowledge, but also a great presence of mind. At times, it happens that some funny question pops up suddenly from the otherwise serious panels grilling the candidate left, right and centre just to break the ice. Now it depends on the candidate how well he/she plays that googly.

  •    Sometimes it happens that you hit the right chord with the interviewer by telling the name of the bird as ‘Kingfisher’ on being asked about some bird that you have seen but is not usually around.

  •    Only your presence of mind can stretch the spelling of cow from 3 to 13 letters.

  •    It makes you wonder why the interviewer is messing around your email id when he has lot many better things to ask.

  •    Thanks to the WhatsApp copy paste messages for being so prompt in telling three consecutive days together other than the days of the week.

  •    What better way to show practically how to sell a laptop at a price higher than the MRP.

  •    What a presence of mind man!! If there are only two girls left and you are the only male, why to care about loyalty.

  •    Never ask a candidate to do something he is capable of.


  •   Times Now show earlier hosted by Arnab was such a big hit that even the IIM interviewers wanted to imitate it.

  •    Oh Man!!! How can I choose between IIM A and IIM B…I love both…the question is who loves me more.

  •    Now, this is called confidence…

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