Funny Titles if every state had IPL Teams

Indians are mad over cricket. The hysteria that one sees during the matches, especially between India-Pakistan match, is incomparable. Now in last few another form of cricket, the high-octane IPL (Indian premier league) has kicked in. People root for their own state’s team and not having a home state team in the IPL actually sucks but then they pick up a team as their favourite and follow it. The euphoria that surrounds this high action drama in the short format of the game is mind-boggling.

Now that all states do not have a team in the IPL we decided to create fictional teams so that everyone can connect to their home teams and doesn’t feel left out. Let’s give these fictional teams the stereotypical names and see the fun that follows.

  •    The Rajasthan team will be named something like ‘Hukum Khiladisaa’ given the way they address in their day to day lives.

  •    Delhi besides being the national capital is also the capital of abusing… Thus this is the apt name for the Delhi team.

  •    While most of the cheating cases in X and XII are reported from Bihar the fact of the matter is the highest numbers of IAS, IPS & IFS aspirants are from this state only ….hence this is a perfect name for this state team.

  •    With Yogi coming in power in UP we can’t say what will be its team name next year but this year it is surely this.

  •    The Hooligans of Haryana are famous so why to search for any other name.

  •    When someone mentions Hyderabad only two things comes in mind-Biryani and Charminar. Biryani is basically synonymous to Hyderabad.

  •    What is Punjab without sher da puttar so the team has to be Shera di team.

  •    Jharkhand is recognised by his own son Mahi…

  •    Bengaluru was the lake city but now it is a start-up city.

  •    While Rajnikanth has an immense fan following throughout the country in his hometown he is considered God.

  •    Mumbai Vada pav is something that Mumbaikars vouch for for.. It can be their breakfast, lunch or dinner anytime

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