What is This Fuss about Formals and Over and Above That, Wearing a Tie?

Right from the time we are in school, we are made to wear ties and that too by buttoning right up to the top button of the shirt. Do these teachers ever realize how suffocating and uncool it looks? I sometimes feel that since they were made to do so when they were students, they are probably just taking revenge. Otherwise, how can this simple piece of cloth dictate how well-mannered or disciplined you are?

Though I have passed out of the student life, every time I have to wear a tie, it feels suffocating. There are times like when I faced my interviews and then when I had to go for a professional meeting, these formals along with tie is compulsory. Now, I don’t really have a problem wearing these formals in such circumstances, but the problem that I have is what do clothes have to do with my intellect?

Does a guy who comes to office in casuals or a pair of slippers have any less intellect than the one wearing a suit? The answer is no. Intellect has nothing to do with clothes. Then why do people judge by clothes?

Also buying casual clothes is so much easier and cheaper than going for those professional suits where you can’t even move around freely.

I can never understand who on the earth created this tie and the other who made it mandatory to tie it around with formals. This stupid piece of clothing once tied doesn’t even let you get proper air circulation. The other stupid thing is wearing socks for the whole long day unnecessarily. Why can’t I come in slippers and sandals and let my feet breathe happily?

I know not all will agree with me, but I definitely am not a great fan of formals.

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