‘Games of Thrones’ Finale Reviews – Mixed Opinions for the Bloody, Twisty Mess!

Game of Thrones Final Reviews

The reviews are ON for ‘Games of Thrones’ Season 7 finale! Fans are sharing their opinions about the finale show and posting their views on internet.

The news is, that the finale show has got ‘mixed reviews’. Some people have liked it a lot, but others have dropped it because of the logicless tricks and twists. Here are some of the reviews from the hardcore fans all around the world –

Game of Thrones

  • “How I feel with all of my emotions after the season finale and knowing I have to wait forever for season 8,” tweet-joked Bre Straka, over a GIF of a guy with a death wish.
  • Rivelino Marion posted a clip of Judge Judy impatiently tapping her watch: “Finished watching the season finale and already impatiently waiting for season 8 of #GameOfThrones,” he tweeted.
  • “Game Of Thrones Audience Disappointed By Season Finale’s Bland, Uninspired Incest,” tweeted the avatar of the absurd.

USA Today’s Kelly Lawler was disappointed, even she acknowledged that GoT built its formidable reputation on shocking fans and breaking hearts.”While Sunday’s very busy episode had plenty of enjoyable moments and blue fire-fueled spectacle, and effectively set up next season’s culminating clashes of the living, the dead and the old venal forces of cyclical destruction, it didn’t offer much in the way of surprise. Indeed, the finale largely checked off boxes that have been broadly telegraphed throughout the season.”

The Hollywood Reporter reported a “messy, narratively discombobulated season” of GoT that was often “Dumb.”

Variety‘s critic, Sonia Saraiya, hopes for a better Season 8:

“I wonder if maybe with this rather lackluster season out of the way, maybe Season 8 can now finally start getting creative again,” she wrote, wondering about the nonsensical ice dragon ‘that can breathe … something that destroys ice,’ or something. Maybe now the story can actually do something, instead of running to keep apace of source material. Maybe Game of Thrones can now be great again.”

Looking at the reviews, it seems that the newest GOT show has somehow failed to impress its audience. Well, let the showmakers to work on it and hope they will come back with a better Season next time.

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