Ganesha Idols This Year Were Inspired by Bahubali

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with full zeal and enthu in the country, but the grandeur is unparalleled in Maharashtra and especially Mumbai. It is a spectacular festival honouring Lord Ganesha, which lasts for 10 days.

Beautiful idols of God Ganesha are made in all forms and sizes. While people prefer to bring small idols home, the mandals bring big and grand idols.

The makers of these idols this year were smitten with Bahubali. Many graceful poses from the movie stricken by Prabhas were replicated to the idols of Bappa this year.

  •    The way Prabhas sat on the lion throne in the movie was replicated flawlessly with Bappa sitting magnificently on it.


  •    The epic scene from the movie when Prabhas lifted the shivlinga made the perfect pose for the idol with Ganapatiji lifting his father over his shoulder.

Do you remember this scene from the film? 

  •    The energy and vibrancy that was seen in the battle scene in the movie were equally visible in this idol.

Action, that too in style!

  •    There were many scenes in the movie where the actor was so graceful that they got etched in the minds of the audience. This idol is the result of one such memory.

The craze simply refused to die!

  •    Depicting the relation between Ganesha and the elephant in this beautiful manner makes you speechless.

The relation between Ganesha and elephant.

  •    Even the poster image of the second part of the movie was transformed into a beautiful idol this year.

Even this poster was replicated.

  •    The creators of the idols even replicated the epic bull fight in the movie.

This epic bull fight scene.

  •   The Instagram post of Prabhas tells that the actor himself has not come out of his character.

Here's what the actor posted on his Instagram.

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