Gaurav Kapoor’s Epic Take on ‘Following Your Passion’ Will Surely Crack You Up

The motto that a majority of Gen Y is following these days is ‘Follow Your Passion’. However, Gaurav Kapoor, the renowned stand-up comedian has a completely new perspective on pursuing one’s passion. Anyone is sure to crack up after watching this video where he shows how conventional ‘Following your dreams’ has turned out to be.

In this video, Gaurav gives his epic take on reasons as to why it’s better for certain individuals to keep away from pursuing their passion. With his rib-tickling comic timing and wacky punches, he gives instances of adventure travellers and bad singers to prove that he has a point.  The example of Karaoke nights with individuals unbridling their inner singer is the perfect proof of that.

Topped up with side-splitting punches, his take on why pursuing passions might not be the perfect way will certainly chase off those weekday blues.  This video clipping is a must-watch for the present generation since many individuals choose professions such as acting, singing and travelling just because they are regarded to be ‘cool’.

Check out the hilarious video here:

This video, which was posted by Gaurav Kapoor on his YouTube channel, has gone viral and garnered over a million views with amazing responses from his fans.

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