A German Dude’s Reaction after Watching a Bollywood Movie

For a lot of foreigners, Bollywood has somehow become synonymous with India. When it comes to Indian movies, foreigners by default relate it to the over-the-top action sequences, melodrama, singing in the mountains and of course the catchy dance numbers and not to forget the King Khan – Shah Rukh Khan.

But stereotyping Bollywood movies is not a fair game, right? The actual reaction of a foreigner while watching a Bollywood movie was recorded and this is what we got.

The Bollywood movie he was made to watch was Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (kind of regret this decision, should have shown a better movie!). However, this German dude did seem a little thrilled to be watching his first ever Bollywood movie. He had a whole lot of questions to ask at the end of the movie.

  • His First Burning Question: Do All Indian Movies Last as Long as ‘Titanic’?

Here is a shocker for you my dear friend…Some last longer!

  • Is That a “House”?

For the Raichand’s or the Ambani kind of people, yeah! But for the rest of us, it’s the Indian Hogwarts.

  • What Does This Hand-Sign Mean?

It could be hello or a goodbye depending on the fact whether you want to meet the person or run away from him.

  • Or This One?

Oh! That just means, “Eyeliner on-fleek, girl!”

  • How Often Do Indians Dance Like This Right in the Middle of a Market Square?

Maybe as often as 345 days a year. The remaining days would be public holidays.

  • What Is with All That Wind Indoors?

Maybe somebody kept farting on the sets. This would explain their expressions as well…

He would have had a dozen of other questions…But we were dead-beat with just these. Anyways, it was done in all fun and games peeps, let’s not take it seriously!

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