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In this competitive age, it’s become difficult for the people to get their dream job. Not only the dream job, in fact, searching the right job is perhaps the most daunting task today.

Don’t worry EduMongoose will help you to chase your job dream with the best possible solutions.


In every sector, there are very tough competitions among the candidates all around. And the student is facing lots of challenges to pick up the best career choice. Many times they took a wrong decision which affects their ahead future. Due to this EduMongoose is here to help you and get the desired job for you.

Our Main objective is to assist our candidates in planning their career in the right track. We having the best marketing research and study to make your career bright.

Right from building an impressive resume to career counseling, also adding the other services relevant to job search, EduMongoose perform a brilliant job to make a path of success for you. we are eager to help in each step of your life for your success.


We provide you skilled team who have expertise in guiding the candidates towards their best career path. The student who just finish his/her degree and thinking which way they should head their career for them we having recruitment teams to a great length.

Our technical team also help you to sharpen your skill. Our Placement Advisor makes you aware of the comprehensive job responsibility. And our whole team will teach you to lot more before you proceeding for your Interview.


We prefer the both Candidate Driven and the Company Driven. In Candidate driven, we will select your name for the middle-level vacancies. Whose salaries range is between INR 20000- 450000 per month. For these type of company requirement, we will select the best students among you.

And in second one Company driven. In this type of driven company offers more vacancies. We having a good relationship with more number of the company. Who come to our campus and offers you the job.


If you are not able to come and meet us. We provide online quiz for that student who wants to prepare their self from home. Edu quiz is free of cost.

We provide various company question asked during the qualification round. You can choose different company name for which you are preparing yourself. Suppose you want to get yourself hire in Globussoft. Then you will get the question pattern according to the Globussoft exam. You can also find the various model Test paper for your own Practice.


In India every year lots of students are passing out. But due to lack of guidance, they slip to choose the right path for their career. So connect with Online educational website who will show you right path and will also teach you how to walk on the path of success. We handle your future with our talented team with care.

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