Get To Know: 7 Common Things More Dangerous Than Sharks

We can all agree that a shark attack will get some pretty crazy media attention but, believe it or not, sharks belong on the bottom of your list of things to worry about. On average one person will die from a shark attack every other year in the United States, does that sound like the deadly Jaws-like creatures you’ve always been told to fear? The odds are 1 in 250 million in the U.S.; you have a greater chance of winning the lottery with odds at a mere 1 in 175 million. So hold tight as we take a look at 7 everyday things more dangerous than sharks.

1. Cross Walks

Looking both ways has never been more important. 4500 people die each year from crossing the street. Crosswalks are dangerous but if you take the extra time they don’t have to be. Don’t forget to look before you walk!


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