Getting bored? These 15 hilarious tweets will surely make your day!

Social media platforms like Twitter have some huge benefits. Not only can you follow your favorite person and share opinions, but it is great platform for entertainment as well. Some users of Twitter are so funny that, you will be surprised to see how innovative their tweets can get. If you are bored, all you have to do is go through some of the really funny tweets and trust me you are going to love them.

We have compiled some of the most hilarious and recent tweets from this week below. They are really epic. Let us have a look.

  • When you want to sing like both Rihanna and Jay Z.

  • When Diane Keaton becomes the horror movie monster, Babadook.

  • This one is how the white men decide their outfits for any concert.

  • And that is what a saga looks like.

  • Summon the boys, at once, hurry!

  • Because not everyone can express themselves that easily.

  • This is quite a sign board for a church.

  • Paris Hilton and her popularity.

  • When a single word could have different sorts of interpretations.

  • This phone book listing could not have been better.

  • Yeah bro! You are nothing in front of the sun.

  • I love flowers and I do not want them to die fast.

  • This is how protests take place in North Carolina.

  • Scottish candies really deserve fancy names like this. Yummy!

  • This sight in a sporting event was really epic.

Did you enjoy them? If you are looking for more of these funny tweets, then go ahead start searching Twitter. It seems to be flooding with similar hilarious tweets that will give you a great laugh.

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Big Butty !! ??

Big Butty !!

Baby sleep ?

Baby sleep