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This Giant Panda Has Amazingly Mastered The Selfie Game!!

One giant panda has some serious selfie skills, and these pics with a lucky tourist are here to prove it. Taking a photo with a panda is a service offered by the Dujiangyan Panda Base in Chengdu city in China. It just released six pictures, and there is no doubt the panda knows how to work her angles.

It is not the first time a panda from the center became famous for knowing how to pose like a pro. In March, 2016, another black-and-white furball was captured taking a selfie with her keeper, just seconds after giving the man a kiss and snuggling up with him.

So if you wish to know exactly how skillful this panda is in the art of taking selfies check it out yourselves!!

This Giant Panda Has Amazingly Mastered The Selfie Game!!

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