Girl Say vs. Guy Say in Sarahah Confessions

The latest trend in the world is the Sarahah confessional application. Almost everyone in the world has a Sarahah account where people can come and give anonymous confessions for them. The confessions can be anything that the person can’t say on your face. Personally, I don’t like this application, but it has given us a goldmine of memes.

When it comes to what a girl would say vs. what a guy would say, it is a clear distinction. Here are a few memes that clearly show whether a guy or girl has written the confession:

  • Bhai Ko Bandi Chahiye! Sarahah Ki Help Le Ra Hai:

When you have a best friend like this one, you know you don’t need a girl in your life. He is your bro and he can handle your so-called “badbu” as well. So, hold on to your BFF.

  • Expensive Make Up and She Thinks She Is Alia Bhatt:

OMG!! The last line killed me!!! Literally!! “Gareebo Ki Alia Bhatt!!” I’m going to use this on one of my friends now!

  • The Jealous Boyfriend and His Dhamki:

He said Maa Kasam dude. Don’t even try to look at his girlfriend now! He’ll definitely kill you!! He’s not mad… He’s just in Love.

  • I Think Rahul Ditched You for Her! And She’s Just Rubbing Your Nose In It:

There is a saying among boys. “Bros before Hoes!” and we tend to uphold that. But for girls, this rule doesn’t apply. Sis are ditches!!

  • Shayar aur Kavi aur Tharki aur Stalker!!!

I don’t think you should unblock him! He’s the same person who goes out on Valentine’s Day and beats up couples because he is jealous.

I think it was very clear which one was written by a girl and which one was a boy’s confession. There are some things even anonymous messages don’t hide!

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