Glamorous Mermaids Are Helping Raise Awareness About Protecting Our Oceans


The ocean has long fascinated us humans. As land creatures, we imagine that anything could be lurking in its mysterious depths, from terrifying monsters to magical cities. And since we haven’t delved beneath the surface and explored the majesty of our planet’s oceans, those thrilling tales could be right!

However, even though we have so much yet to explore about them, we are doing harm to our oceans and beaches thanks to pollution and general human carelessness.

Luckily, there are a lot of people who want to keep these habitats safe — and what better way to call attention to the cause than with everyone’s favorite mythical sea creature: the mermaid!

Project Mermaids is doing just that. Headed by photographers Angelina Venturella and Chiara Salomoni, the project captures models, celebrities, and everyday women as gorgeous mermaids with glittering tails and jewelry — reminding us that the beauty and mystery of the ocean will be no more if environmental destruction continues.

The pair is putting their photographic talents to a good cause and donating half of their proceeds from sales to environmental causes.

And there’s no shortage of models lining up to become mermaids, either. Being a mermaid, at least temporarily, is such a popular wish that there are even schools that teach humans how to swim like a convincing mermaid.

Check out some of their many photos below, and you’ll want to be a mermaid for a day, too!



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