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Gloria Hunniford Breaks Down Talking about her Daughter on ‘Loose Women’

Gloria Hunniford breaks down at loose women

It was on the sets of the famous hot topical debate show, “The Loose Women” where all this happened. Gloria Hunniford started weeping in tears when she was asked about her experience regarding the dancing show ‘Strictly’.

After she lost her daughter Karen, she was offered the chance to take part on the show and admitted it was the best decision she made.

Speaking through tears, Gloria explained: “In my case, and I will try to say it without weeping endlessly, I thought I would never laugh or smile ever again because I was in such a deep spot.

“When the call came in to do the show I couldn’t find anyone to tell me not to do it. So I did it. And this is where the joy comes in.” Gloria added.


‘It allowed me to laugh and have joy. Anything that takes your mind off grief helps, so I’ll never forget the warmth and positivity. I received to get out of that black hole and do something for me that allowed me to smile again,’ she continued.

Lisa Riley held it together as she spoke about the loss of her loved one and how Strictly was the ‘best medicine’ for coping with loss, before Gloria spoke about her work with the Caron Keating Foundation.

Lisa Riley said that she believes Gloria’s daughter Karen would be so proud of how she performed.

The show is getting huge responses from the audience. Everybody is loving the show & hoping for the best days for Gloria Hunniford to come.

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