If God Was a Regular Guy with Regular Guy Problems

The almighty all powerful being that created us all has many faces. Each and every culture imagines and prays to God in a different sense. If you are a Christian, you have Bible; if you are a Hindu, you have Bhagwat Geeta and many more; if you are a Muslim, you have Quran and if you are Sikh, you have Guru Granth Sahib. Whatever your religion is, it has its own way of praying and portraying the almighty god.

But what if he was just a regular guy like us with problems that we face on a regular basis? Corey Jay and Matteo Ferrazzi, two Brussels-based illustrators made an animated series called the Adventures of God. This series has god doing everyday things like a normal human being and screwing them up like us. Here is an excerpt from that comic and you would definitely be rolling on the floor laughing. Their series has Gabe, Jesus, Lucifer and God as well! Here is the excerpt:

Here is another sidesplitting excerpt from their utterly hilarious animated series. Here you can see God and Lucifer discussing about dinosaurs and how they became extinct. This would definitely leave your mind wondering whether it was true or just a hoax. I think god wanted Guinea pigs to live, which is why he “Nuked” the dinosaurs!!! Here is god with a drinking problem:

What if it is actually true that god is just a regular guy with regular guy problems, which is why all the bad things happen in the world because God screws up!! You should definitely check out the rest of the series and we would like you to give a little thought to their crazy comic story as it is hilarious as well as eye opening!

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