Google Buys Bebop And Names Diane Greene To Lead Enterprise Cloud Effort

In a surprise move today, Google announced it was buying enterprise development platform startup bebop and making its founder, Diane Greene head of Google’s enterprise cloud business. Greene boasts an impressive background as one one of the co-founders and former CEO at VMware. Her company had been operating in stealth up until today’s acquisition. Google made the move official in a blog post by CEO Sundar Pichai. He said Greene will run a new integrated enterprise cloud businesses, that will combine Google for Work, Cloud Platform, and Google Apps with a new consolidated product, engineering, marketing and sales team that was missing before this, Pichai explained in the blog post.

While he cited 60 percent Google cloud penetration in the Fortune 500, the company seemed to lack a coherent enterprise cloud effort up until now. R Ray Wang, founder at Constellation Research says Greene brings real enterprise chops to the table with her background at VMware. “They need someone [like her] who can deliver consumer-grade experiences butenterprise-class scale and platform thinking.”  Steve Herrod, managing partner at venture capitalist General Catalyst and former CTO at VMware agreed. “She is awesome and immediately changes the game for Google’s cloud efforts,” Herrod wrote in an email. “The engineering team at bebop was outstanding as well and they’ll bring a ton of enterprise DNA to Google,” he added.


While Google is one of the earliest cloud companies, and has made great headway with consumers, it has struggled to keep pace with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and IBM in the enterprise. It was clearly a sign that Google intends to put them all on notice that they are serious about platform, infrastructure and software in the enterprise. When you think of cloud services, Google is a company that epitomizes the term. Whether Google Docs, Google Drive, GMail or Google Calendar; these are the types of core cloud services that many consumers (including myself) rely on, on a daily basis.

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