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Google is Reorganizing Under a New Umbrella Company Called Alphabet

Google as we know it will no longer exist. The company is reorganizing under a new umbrella structure called Alphabet, helmed by Google co-founders Larry Page as CEO and Sergey Brin as President. The new holding company will include all of Google’s current properties, with the largest of course being Google itself. Sundar Pichai will become CEO, getting a promotion from his previous role as Senior Vice President.3-1 Google proper will be slimmed down slightly to make way for the new corporation, mainly in areas that have to do in new advancements that are distinct from the company’s internet-based offerings. Page gives the example of products such as Life Sciences, which has worked on products such a glucose sensing contact lens, and Calico, which studies the factors affecting the lifespans of organisms. The X Lab – most known starting Google’s self-driving car project – will also now be a separate entity under Alphabet.3-3The change should allow Google Alphabet to better manage and scale products in fields that aren’t directly related. Alphabet is also replacing Google as a publicly traded entity. All Google shares will be automatically be converted into the same number of shares from Alphabet, with Google becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of the new company. Both of its types of shares will continue to trade as GOOG and GOOGL on Nasdaq.

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