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Gordon Ramsay started Twitter war with Indians over Someone’s Medu Vada Lunch

Gordon Ramsay is known for his cut throat attitude and he is perhaps the most famous cook on television but his reputation is for being the most savage of all the television hosts. He is crystal clear about what he feels and is always direct when insulting someone else’s dish. He makes sure that he doesn’t repeat his comments as well.

He is dangerous and not someone you would want to mess with. But when it comes to India, there is no greater threat to Gordon Ramsay than India. If Indians get offended due to something, they won’t stop until that person is destroyed. Bad move Ramsay.

Ramsay rates people’s food and when an Indian asked for a rating from him, he said something he shouldn’t have. Here are some of his ratings for people followed by his rating for Medu Vada Lunch:

Well he is right there. This dinner is creepy.

This guy begged for it.

When this Mumbai resident asked for a rating too,

Gordon Ramsay came through this time too.

He got mixed responses for his tweet. Some even liked his comment. Maybe he just wanted to criticize the presentation and not the food. Whatever the reason, here are some of the responses he got:

The reviewee tweeted “ded” and a few laughing smileys.

Some Simpson’s fans caught the uncanny resemblance.

This guy brought it to other people’s attention that what Gordon Ramsay tweeted was offensive too.

Did Chef Ramsay unleash him upon Indians or Indians unleashed them upon Ramsay. I think time would tell that. This thing is for sure that TL has become a laugh riot.

To all the haters, Gordon Ramsay would say this:

He might be dangerous and brutal but so are Indians. So, if I were you, I’d tread with care Mr. Ramsay.

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