Grandma Skydives With Entire Family for 90th Birthday

This 90-year-old grandmother sure knows how to have a soaring good birthday.

When Beth Long, who lives in Boise, Ohio, was asked what she wanted to do for her birthday, her granddaughter Briana Gordon told that she only had one suggestion: “I think I want to go skydiving. What else do you do when you’re 90?”

Beth gathered her entire family, with sons and grandchildren arriving from California, Wyoming, and Colorado for a day at the Skydown Skydiving in Idaho, located 30 minutes from her retirement community.

Gordon said that Beth didn’t allow anyone, who “physically can”, to be excused from the trip.

Her skydiving instructor, Derek Sluder, told that despite her being his oldest client, she was the only person in the family who was not one bit nervous about the tandem jump from 13,000 feet.

“She was just a spunky little pocket rocket,” Sluder told, including that she didn’t seem one bit nervous.

Beth was joined by her eldest son, Bob Long, and her granddaughter, Nicole Long, as they boarded the first flight. The rest of the family followed close behind on the second plane.

The skydiving instructor said that in addition to making sure she had consent from her doctors, the team went over her physical capabilities.

Because she had shoulder problems Sluder said she couldn’t raise her arms above her head, so he helped her put on her goggles and her hat and instructed her to hold onto her shoulder straps during the dive.

“I asked her just before she left if she was ready to go. She said, ‘Yeah, but first you have to open the door,'” Sluder laughed.

Leaving her hearing aids behind, she dove off the plane and can be seen in the skydiving footage with the biggest grin the entire time.

“Once we got down to the ground, she was wondering why she waited so long and was ready to go again,” Sluder told

Her granddaughter Gordon said she was not the least bit surprised: “She’s sort of an outdoorsy adrenaline junkie.”

Gordon said, “She’s always up for an adventure.”

In addition to being the leader at a shipyard welding operation when she was young, Beth has gone white water rafting, hunting on horseback and even zip lining through Costa Rica on her 80th birthday.

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