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The Haar Mode Team salon in Dresden, Germany has employed a Python named Monty for Neck Massages

Almost everyone is a big fan of massages. Who wouldn’t like relaxing massages that take away all your body stress, isn’t it?  After all, massages are very calming and soothing. You drift off to your happy place instantly. They are known for refreshing our mind as well as our body and take the personal or professional pressure off us.

Ever thought of getting those relaxing massages by a snake? Snakes have a very tight grip and who knew that they could be used as an alternative to human massages. It does sound creepy and abominable, but the relaxation that snake massages give is a whole another level.

Ancient civilizations had pet pythons that had the sole purpose of massaging human body. In the modern world as well, thousands of people enjoy the extraordinary massage provided by a snake, specifically a python for the past thirteen years.

Dresden, Germany based salon Haar Mode Team Salon has employed Monty, a python that gives neck massages which has attracted tourists as well as local folk to enjoy the ultimate massage. This service is given to customers without any extra charge, but the customers are expected to provide a donation towards the food of the python.

A customer of the salon, Hanna Haubold said in the testimonials that the python is warm and really heavy as compared to the expectation of it feeling cold. The python just lies around the neck and that’s it.

A video was also posted on the social media platform, Facebook, by 14 News. Here is the video:

Snake massages clients at German hair salon

Clients say Monty the python gives excellent massages>> you let him massage your neck?

Posted by 14 NEWS on Thursday, March 16, 2017

As seen in the video, the python is wrapped around the neck of a lady customer. The customer is relaxing in this unique and wondrous massage provided by Monty, the python. If you aren’t convinced by the video, our suggestion is that you go ahead and give it a try! You won’t regret it.

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