All Hail to the Biryani Anthem!

Indians have time and again expressed their love for biryani by speaking about it, debating about it and of course eating it! However, one fine gentleman Ahmed Shariff has finally come up with a song for it. The comedian along with Bangalore’s funny man, Sanjay Manaktala did a ‘biryanified’ version of Ed’s annoyingly popular song ‘Shape of You’. You may be tired listening to that song, but the parody done by these boys will leave you in splits!

Check out these lyrics!

“Don’t Bother asking me what I’ll order

There is only one thing I want to Eat now

And I’m singing like Oh tonight I’ll have a lot

Because my Muslim friend is getting married

Pile up on that rice and meat

I’m crazy hungry don’t mind me  

On Eid we will be back for more…

Be careful not to eat an Elaichi

Come on now time to eat (2)”

The song has even got hilarious lines like…

“Don’t need coke or weed when you have Biryani”

That true, right? Who on earth would choose coke over Biryani?!

Ahmed – here is a true Biryani fan as he has named all possible kinds of biryani in the song.

Listening to the song has already irked my Biryani craving, how about you?

Did u like the BIRYANI ANTHEM?

Did Ahmed miss out any kind of biryani in this song? Let us know…

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