He Submerged A Computer Tower Into A Homemade Aquarium. It Looks Totally Epic

Dunking a computer in a tub of oil sounds like a terrible idea, right? Well, one Redditor discovered a way to do it that is not only totally safe but also entirely awesome looking.

In an effort to attract new students upon their arrival to campus, this college had an employee make a mineral oil tank for a PC surrounded by a real fish tank. Here’s how this guy did it!

He started off with a PC tower.


After removing all the non-necessary components (like the plastic casing), this is what he was left with.



Because he was going to be submerging the thing in oil and disk drives don’t do well in liquid, he replaced his with a solid state drive.


After adding in an LED light, this baby was ready to go!


This is the custom box he ordered to hold the computer.



And here it is inside the fish tank!


He ordered eight gallons of 100% white mineral oil technical grade for the small tank.



Things are starting to come together…




The water is in and the fish are out!


The Redditor says that the mineral oil will actually keep the PC from overheating and regulate the temperature. However, because of very specific living condition needs, he later removed the gold fish to put them in a more suitable atmosphere. I hope he finds better fish for this tank because it’s so cool to look at!

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