Heart Pinching Indian Mom Insults That Are Hard to Recover From

With Mother’s Day just lurking around the corner, it is important for us to celebrate the spirit of the lady who has always loved us unconditionally! A mother loves us with all her heart and soul and never asks anything in return.

The woman hasn’t just brought us into this life, but nurtured us to be the person we are today. Her teachings and values have taught us to be a better person. But sometimes her words are razor sharp and the cut really deep.

Here are some of the most brutal, sarcastic or otherwise replies that Indian moms give to their kids:

  • Become a Cannibal and Eat Me:


Mommy says eat my life if you are hungry. Of course, that was sarcastic! She doesn’t want you to become a cannibal! What are you thinking?


  • Mommy I Am Eating Out Today:


It is said that you only love something once you feel that thing’s absence. Similarly, people don’t like home food when they are at home, but when they move away, they miss their mom’s cooking!


  • You Are Useless My Son:


You know nothing my child! A tip to all the moms: negative reinforcement only works for some kids.


  • Moms and Latest Style:


God Mom! This is the latest fashion! You keep quiet!


  • Serious Fat Burn:


Tinde or Indian squash isn’t really that tasty! You should not feed your kids that! But it does have health benefits.


  • You Are a Nosferatu:


Why do we pay the guard when you stay up till 2? You can guard us instead!!!


  • The Concept of Birth


Don’t try to act over smart with your mother.

Moms are really brutal when they are angry, but when they love and care for us, nobody does it better than that!

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