The Heartbreaking Video of a North Korean Refugee Sharing Life in the Country Stunned the World

Today’s age is clearly the digital age. Everything is available instantaneously online. The world is clearly a global village now and any part of the world can access news and information from any part of the world and that too just by a notification on our smartphones. But even after such advancements, there is one country that is absolutely secretive. North Korea is that country.

The global news agencies have been unable to reach the people of North Korea and it is just because of the dictatorial nature of the tyrannical regime in the country. News that are of international importance and threaten international peace make it. News like nuclear weapon testing and strength of the army get published and rest of the news never make it out. Such secrecy makes you wonder what kind of daily lives do the people in the country live.

To break the scary silence, a video surfaced on the internet recently. A very young refugee who recently fled from North Korea spoke about her experience. Her comments have made everyone angry and emotional on the internet. Yeonmi Park was asked to speak at the One Young World Summit and the harrowing experience she shared left the audience in real tears.

Park shared her experience to spread awareness about the haunting unimaginable conditions that have been going on in her home country. She urged the audience and anyone else who was listening to her to help out the North Koreans who live their life in fear and have been clearly denied of all their freedom.

The young leader clearly pointed out that the world should focus more on the general public of North Korea who have been forgotten rather than focusing on the regime.

Here is the video that went viral:

A girl from North Korea fled for her freedom and to tell the world how CRUEL the North Korean government to its people.please spread the news…Government of North Korea is blocking civilians to have access to internet, only one TV station controlled by the government and peoples are being executed for having international call.Share and spread Humanity!

Posted by Mang Ferdie on Sunday, March 12, 2017

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