Heavy Rainfall Gulped 1,200 People Across South Asia

Heavy Rain acroos South Asia

At least 40 million people from Bangladesh, Nepal and India are affected of the devastation. Heavy rainfalls kept Mumbai in halt for a continuous second day.

People are in very much of discomfort due to heavy rains, especially in the low lying areas. Rain floods have captivated the whole of the roads, bridges, railway stations and land areas. The Government is trying it’s best to reduce the flooding problems. Children are sent to home early from schools.

The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) says the fourth significant floods this year have affected more than 7.4 million people in Bangladesh, damaging or destroying more than 697,000 houses.


The rains have led to flooding in a broad arc.  Stretching across the Himalayan foothills in Bangladesh, Nepal and India, they are causing landslides, damaging roads and electric towers and washing away homes and farmlands, thereby bringing huge problems. People are fearing for some big flooding tragedy.

Rain in Mumbai

The Government of India had assured its people of their safety and to take all the precautions to save themselves from any severe flooding cases.  The IFRC is working with the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society and the Nepal Red Cross, has launched appeals to support almost 200,000 vulnerable people with immediate relief and long-term help with water and sanitation, health and shelter.

myanmar faces flood

The National Disaster Response Force has launched a rescue mission with police to evacuate people from low-lying areas but operations were thwarted by the continuous rain.

“The heavy rains, flooding, are delaying our rescue work. Even we are stranded,” said Amitesh Kumar, the joint police commissioner in Mumbai.

Well, it’s not all. Several companies have arranged for food and resting facilities for employees stuck in offices. Temples and other Ganesh pandals have been offering food and water to people stranded on streets, showing their unconditional dedication and willing to help thought for the people in need.

Also, People on social media have been offering help to strangers who have been stuck at various locations. After All, we are all together when it comes the time of national security.

We hope that the Government will take more effective measures to help people to have a lesser uncomfort due to rain times.

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