Here Are The Electricity Bills Of 15 Of The Most Powerful Netas Of Our Country

Remember when our ex chief minister Sheila Dixit advised us Delhiites to start using coolers instead of air conditioners to save energy, without realising that she herself possesses more ACs, heaters, air purifiers, geysers and desert coolers than all of Delhi combined? Or more recently, do you remember when “news” broke out Arvind Kejriwal’s electricity bill for June was 1.35 lakh?

The political parties always justify their own bills and jump on others when the opportunity arises. The fact still remains that though many RTIs have exposed these extravagant bills, it is still unsure whether these expenditures amount to wasting public money or putting the same to good use.

Either way, the bills themselves should give you a good idea how far different a life the powerful of our nation lead as compared to ours.

Piyush Goyal – Rs. 8,6541

General V.K. Singh – Rs. 20,4992

Prakash Javadekar – Rs. 21,1773

Nirmala Sitharaman – Rs. 21,5624

Smriti Irani – Rs. 29,0815

Dharmendra Pradhan – Rs. 44,2476

Sachin Pilot – Rs. 43,0317

Nitin Gadkari – Rs. 53,7618

Nihal Chand – Rs. 87,9979

Uma Bharti – Rs. 1,20,79310

Harsimrat Kaur Badal – Rs. 1,35,76611

Santosh Gangwar – Rs. 1,54,99012

Rahul Gandhi – Rs. 1,76,55013

Jitendra Singh – Rs. 1,97,40314

Arun Jaitley – Rs. 3,62,93915

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