Hilarious Chat by Zomato User Makes Way to Free Food: One Needs to Take Tips from Him

Food delivery apps are the ones that keep this generation alive. From morning to late night, we can order our favourite dishes through few clicks. Zomato is one such food application, which has gained popularity among the people.

If you are already a Zomato user, you might know that it always asks if you have received your order. If you haven’t received your order, you would screw the customer support team, and if you have received it, you would thank them.

This is what exactly happened with its customer, Krishna Saraswat, who had a hilarious chat with Zomato. Have a look at it:

He informed Zomato support that he hadn’t received his order and here is what followed:

Till this point, everything seems fine. But things took a new turn after Krishna spiced the conversation like this:


Well. Finally, this is what happened to Krishna

If you are a good conversationalist like him, you would also get 400 credits like this:

So, guys try your luck with the customer support of Zomato and get few credits if you can. Who knows? One day, luck might favour you in the form of Zomato credits. 😛

All the best for your trials!!!

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