Hilarious Comics You Can Relate to Life in a Middle-Class Family

Middleclass families have a unique “swag” style of bragging about their Jugaad habits. If you are from such a family, you may experience incidents wherein your choices are not trusted by your parents and they don’t miss any opportunity to point out your mistakes. Middleclass family jokes and stand-up comedies turn out to be the best stand-up shows ever.

In a new video of East India Comedy, Mr. Angad Singh Ranyal explains how middleclass life would be. He is so accurate that you can’t argue, but accept with whatever he says about such a lifestyle.

In the video below, he explains how a mother takes the role of an HR Executive on Sundays and how a dad escapes from work on Sunday with lame excuses.

He explains in a hilarious manner about the relation between a son and his father in a middleclass family. It is true as to how parents think about their children and what they expect them to do.

When it comes to finances in this class of family, Mr. Angad has presented in a beautiful manner about how a father thinks about spending his money.

Check out the video below if you would like to know the funny incidents one encounters in his middleclass lifestyle.

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