Hilarious Desi “Hiding From a Serial Killer” Memes

We all have read lots of memes that start with the phrase “hiding from a serial killer”. We have also read a lot of memes that bring us back to our desi roots to tickle our funny bones. Some have taken it as a task to combine the two to give us some of the most jovial memes that could ever be created in both the desi front and the hiding from a serial killer front!

Here are some of those hilarious memes:

  • Jazzy B songs are irresistible and you end up singing them no matter what the situation is.

Well this song was a youth anthem for generations. The killer really is an intelligent SOB!

  • Ravi Shastri’s commentary is in his blood and bones and now is the reason of his murder as well!

@Baba_Chu makes a cricket joke using edged and taken! Which is like the pet dialogue of Ravi Shastri whenever someone is caught because of an edge on the bat!! “Clean bowled Mr. Ravi Shastri”, says the killer!

  • Moms and their water bottle obsession would cause their death!

@firkii clearly plays with the struggle every child goes through in his life when he is thirsty! As soon as a water bottle is grabbed, out of nowhere, mom appears to tell us to fill the bottle and place it back in the fridge!

  • Damn Catchy Political Campaign Slogans!

@Madan_Chikna uses Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign tagline, “Ab ki baar Modi Sarkaar”! Every true Indian would say Modi Sarkaar after ab ki baar because our prime minister is doing wonders for the country!

  • A joke only a 90’s kid would understand

Anytime someone used to say, “pencil” in class, the rest of the classmates would reply, “Teri shaadi cancil!” And I do mean cancil as it rhymes with pencil! It was a hilarious PJ that never got old.

Hope these five jokes brought a smile on your face.

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