Hilarious Gym Expectations Vs. Reality

We all want to exercise and get that perfect body, but the only problem is that the right time to start never comes. We pledge to start from Monday, but then the late night Sunday party doesn’t let us get up early and so going to gym needs to be postponed. The late office hours on Monday make us sleep on Tuesday morning and then we think now this week is almost gone. I will definitely start it from next morning and the cycle goes on and on and on.

  •    Why does this alarm buzz so early man…I have hardly slept…

  •    Once I start my gym regime, in no time I will get in shape and qualify for Mr. India title, too.

  •    I want to do some great stuff, but the problem is I don’t really get time.

  •    When I see a YouTube video of stretching, it looks so easy. But when it comes to actual stuff, why does my body behave so stiff and stubborn?

  •    Even I want to upload a video of me doing some tricks on the treadmill and boy, it will get viral soon…

  •    What a serene surrounding for yoga…if I was doing it in such a nice and beautiful place, I am sure I would have done much better.

  •    Going to the gym with a bunch of friends is a good way to relax and carve the body. See, we have started getting some six packs, too.

  •    Just lie down and do some crunches and it will melt away the belly fat. The only problem is I don’t feel like crunching once I lie down…Shavasan feels more comfortable.

  •    Exercise ball makes it easier to do certain exercise postures, isn’t it? Don’t you think I have started looking more curvy and sexy?

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