Hilarious Jokes That Would Make You Roll over the Floor Laughing

The current state of the world suggests that everyone should spend more time laughing than worrying about what is going to happen in future. If you want to escape the monotony of life and live a little, these jokes would make you laugh so hard that you would forget all about your boring job. Here are some hilarious jokes that would make you ROFL:


  • She Bout That Coin:


Wait! What did you just say? Before that, what did you just ask? You just ruined a kiddy cartoon Mr.!


  • The Annoying Husband Who Doesn’t Listen:


Wives generally feel husbands neither listen nor care, but I think they are just that dumb! They would have a momentary happiness and face the wrath of their wife than just listen to her in the first place. Men will be Men!


  • Uniform Stealers:


This is a ballsy move by the thieves. Hope they stay this ballsy when they grow up as well! They gave their websites too!


  • A Post for All Directionally Challenged People:


All you can say is kindly give directions in terms of left or right as I don’t have a freaking compass you dumbass! People can be so inconsiderate sometimes!


  • When a Monkey Gives the Best Pose in the World!!


I’m shocked on how she managed to take a picture of this moment. The monkey must be a very nice and sophisticated one! Monkeys here would scratch your eyeballs out and steal your phone as well!


  • When Your Friend Has a Cool Body, But You Have a Hot One:


Sweat dripping from each and every part of my body and you are saying that you are happy that summer is here. I’m going to kill you!

Hope these jokes made you laugh as much as they did us.

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