Hilarious Memes about the Betrayal Felt by Fans during Justin Bieber’s Concert Due to Lip Syncing

The first-ever concert by the sensational pop star Justin Bieber in India happened a few days ago in Mumbai. There was an incredible buzz going around because of that concert. Around forty five thousand people visited DV Patil Stadium in Mumbai on the day of the concert. The roads were jam packed and the traffic went haywire.

After going through all the heart ache of getting to the stadium, all that the fans wanted was to listen to their favourite pop singer sing his hit songs. But to their surprise, recently some allegations came to surface stating that the pop star wasn’t actually singing, but lip syncing to his songs. Think of the betrayal that the fans who paid about Rs75,000 to hear him sing must have felt.

Here are some memes that have surfaced after this betrayal that explain it perfectly:

  • Staying Quiet Is the Best Way:

This is Justin Bieber’s favorite song. When you really say nothing at all. He had to sing it at the Mumbai concert!!

  • When Manmohan Singh Found out about the JB Concert:

Even Manmohan Singh could say more than Justin Bieber!!!

  • The Cries of the People Who Paid Rs76,000 for the Ticket:

The loss felt by those VIPs and the laughs that were had by the less IPs!!!

  • The Full Form of JBL:

JBL speakers were used during the concert of the great Justin Bieber and this is what they stand for.

  • Favorite Movie of Justin Bieber:

This is Justin’s favorite Bollywood movie as the title states that “she” would stay quiet.

  • The Real Justin Bieber:

Justin Bieber was first seen in Hungama!!!

Whatever be the reason, the lip syncing was not cool and it is too late to say sorry!!

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