The Most Hilarious Memes based on “The Floor is Lava” game

In your childhood, I’m sure you must have played the game known as The Floor is Lava. In this game, the players pretend that the floor is lava and they try not to touch it during the game or else they would burn and be out of the game. They stand on furniture and other architecture in the room and they cannot stay still for long in one spot, therefore they need to move from one furniture to the other.

This was the game and recently this game has attained meme standard. That means that now there are countless “the floor is” memes floating around on the internet. Some are humorous and some aren’t so we have curated the list of the most hilarious memes:

  • Bill Clinton and Sexual Relations:

Do any of you know which woman this meme is talking about?

  • Narendra Modi and India:

To the people who didn’t understand this, the meme maker means that Modi travels a lot and doesn’t stay in India most of the time. Therefore, the floor is India for Modi.

  • Every Indian Kid and Desi Family “loug kya kaheinge” dialogue

This one is actually a true story and a pain to almost all Indians! Even I consider the floor as desi family honor and “loug kya kaheinge”!!!

  • Pappu and Dance Floor:

The Floor is dance floor for Pappu because “Pappu Can’t Dance Sala”! Get it? It is a really popular Bollywood song!

  • Misogyny and Desi Men:

This is sexist! Not all men are misogynists. I think you haven’t met desi gentlemen yet!!

  • Vijay Mallya and State Bank of India:

Self-explanatory but still the funniest “the floor is” meme!!

I’m sure you had a laugh on these hilarious memes. What would your “the floor is” be?

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When your girl is too clingy!!!

When your girl is too clingy!!!

Lucky one !!

Lucky one !!