Some Hilarious Memes That You Will Instantly Connect To

When it comes to Indian mums, they are a different breed altogether. Their life rotates around their kids only. There are some specific characteristics that every mother does and every child irrespective of age can relate instantly to it. Go through the following incidents and see how many you can connect with.

  •    The lost and found department is concentrated only around the word MAAAAA….You call your mom and the things suddenly appear.

  •    Why should she share each and every conversation between the two of us with the entire extended family?

  •    My mom is so sweet that she makes sure I get every meal fresh and hot….even if it is something like “Revenge is a dish best served cold”…hahaha

  •    My mom feels like I live like a pig in a sty.

  •    Why does she need to call me every now and then…Am I not a grownup person who can take care of herself?

  •    If you are an Indian, a simple sentence ‘Ma I am going out’ is followed by a series of questions and instructions rather than a simple bye.


  •    She loves to WhatsApp me several times a day, but the questions are always the same….’how are you’ once in the morning followed by ‘where are you’ several times during the day.

  •    Any intolerance or allergy towards food can be cured instantly by one slap from mother.

  •    My mom keeps forwarding all nonsense related to junk food, colas etc. and feels that she is educating me.

  •    In the US, a fifteen-year-old is free to take decisions and own them, but in India, even at 77, you have to take permission from parents because after all you are a kid.


  •    Mom, how can I lose weight by eating so much every day.

  •    You are free to write your life story. It’s only that it is edited continuously by your mom.

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