Hilarious Movie Titles that tell you what the movie is all about

Movies have been around in this world for a long time now. They are the highest grossing entertainment industry sector. A movie is a short one to two hour entertainment that uses motion picture to tell an incredible story.

Some people watch movies because they love to hear a brand new story. Some people watch it for the cast in the movie as they feel that good actors do only good movies. There are also some people who would watch a movie for good acting no matter what the story was. No matter what your reason is to watch a movie, I’m sure you must have watch some of these recent movies.

Here are the movies with different titles, and these titles depict everything there is to the movie in a humorous way. If you have watched the movie, laughed at the jovial approach of the title, and if you haven’t watched the movie, don’t worry there are no spoilers in the titles!


  • Arrival:


Just to be clear, a bunch of aliens are in the background and Jeremy Renner is the father!!


  • Moonlight:


I have never seen Brokeback Mountain. Is it any good?


  • Beauty and the Beast:


The beast does look like Chewbacca. Nice catch!!!


  • Logan:


Professor Xavier was also someone we cared about. Alas he is also no more!!!


  • Passengers:


Love Story 2050!!! They will live eternity together!!


  • The Fate of the Furious:


I think your calculation is incorrect. According to me, it was the other way round! More exploding cars and less tribute. Fast and the Furious 7 on the other hand was a glowing tribute.


  • Lion:


I have no words because it is true!

These movies are more or less about what the titles suggest! On a serious note, if you haven’t watched them, please do! Because they are awesome movies!!!

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