Hilarious Pictures of Kids Who Wanted to Be an Only Child

A younger brother/sister is like an intruder in your perfect little life. If you are the elder kid in your family, you must have felt the same when your younger brother/sister came into this life. A relationship between siblings is just like that of Tom and Jerry. We can’t live with them and certainly cannot survive without them.

Sharing love has always been a problem and when a new member joins the family to divide the parents’ love, the elder one starts to feel insecure. Some must have started loving their sibling right from birth but for those who felt that he/she was an uninvited guest into their family, here are hilarious pictures of kids who wanted to be an only child:

  • I don’t think she understands what this means:

Maybe, she saw it in movies that when someone isn’t happy, they show the middle finger, but she has no idea what it means.

  • Mommy used to hold me like that and now you?

She looks like she is ready to eat her up and barf later on.

  • Joyce wanted a puppy and looks like she is going to treat her sibling like that only:

Personally, puppies are much cuter than crying babies. You should have listened to her, God!

  • But she paid rent up front! That’s not done!

Growing up out of the crib and giving it to your sibling is as hard as adulthood.

  • The middle child is always the unhappy one:

He was the youngest. He liked all the attention! Now his goofy younger brother is getting it all. Even his elder brother is smiling at his new brother and not him.

Sibling rivalry is a real thing. Although brothers and sisters love each other and that love is everlasting, but this rivalry for the affection of parents is sometimes dangerous.

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