Hilarious Reflections caught in photographs that would make you want to check again

Sometimes there are reflective surfaces around where you click a picture. These reflective surfaces sometimes capture some unbelievable reflections. These reflections would make you roll on the floor laughing. They might even make you wonder your sanity! Here are some hilarious photographs with some unnerving reflections:

  • That guy just peed his pants, or did he?

Look carefully, he didn’t pee his pants, it’s just chairs being translucently reflected on his pants. Why would he be so happy if he would have peed his pants??

  • That’s not what you think:

Look carefully, it is just her upper body being reflected on the reflective surface. Why would she be wearing a bikini suit while working on a computer?

  • Damn Girl! You got a sweet ass!

Really bad timing dude! I am sure her boyfriend would have beaten him up real good and he deserves the beating as well!

  • Woah! Epic Dildo Fail!

She’s going to have a good night tonight if you understand what I mean!

  • You gotta be smarter than that

The road is literally empty and she’s taking the selfie with one hand and holding the cup in the other. I literally don’t see the point to this!

  • The Husband or Lover forgot to put clothes on:

Why does she look like she’s being held against her will? Shiny legs though. Nice photography, creepy naked man!

  • Animated porn… Really?

The guy is pretending to read the newspaper. What he doesn’t know is there is a giant reflective surface right behind him! But who sees anime porn in a subway! Couldn’t control his lust.

Next time you click a photo, make sure that no one is spoiling the fun from a reflective surface!

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