Hilarious Responses on Coca-Cola’s New Ad Featuring Deepika Padukone with a Room Service Attendant

The latest ad released by Coca-Cola on Wednesday morning is going viral with already a million views on the company’s YouTube channel. It shows the superstar Deepika Padukone stuck into a dysfunctional elevator with a room service attendant. The attendant promptly offers her a chilled Coke and this act is an ice-breaker in the otherwise dark and humid lift. The message sent across is crisp and clear that Coke helps in breaking the barriers whatever it is and brings out the carefree spirit of the person drinking it. There are no inhibitions or any kind of star tantrums because the bonding is over Coke.

  •    Some are tagging the room service attendant as the luckiest guy in the world who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

  •    Others are expressing their desire to be in his place and it’s not the desire alone. There are also some money offers to switch places.

  •    The ad has broken the language barriers too with those not fluent in English also expressing their thoughts in their broken English.

  •    This ad has made even those who don’t like Coke try it once for the sake of Deepika.

  •    People are going gaga over the dance and music shown in the ad…the cool easy going type with no strings attached. Dance dil se.

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