Hilarious Sign Boards From Around the World

hilarious sign boards

Sign boards are the best way to convey something important to the bystanders and people passing by. They are used to depict road signals, caution signs, road names, street names, etc. They have countless uses, but if gotten wrong, they are a permanent source of laughter for everybody.

Many governments even use humor to capture attention of the current short-attention-span generation. No matter what the reason is for these sign boards to be funny, they are hilarious AF. Enjoy some of the funniest sign boards gathered from around the world just for you!

$200 fine after death:

Maybe, Newcastle Tramway Authority has figured out how to bring a person back from the dead. Please share the secret with others, too!

Please don’t shit. Thank you!

Please clear all bowel movements before coming here. I think they actually meant No Sitting – an accidental H changed the entire meaning.

Not all women are dumb:

Maybe, the smart ones live on Dumb Woman’s Lane, while the rest are scattered around the world. I want myself a smart one, please!

Drive slow like a dinosaur:

Careful, a speed breaker is ahead and it would give you a push just like a dinosaur would, if you don’t slow your car down.

That’s not fair. Even fat people have feelings:

So basically, what they are trying to convey here is a fat guy walking on a pedestrian lane is a heavy pedestrian traffic. Who drew this?

Sometimes, an offer is too good to be true:

Who wouldn’t want to go for this special deal? You won’t get this anywhere else!! If I were you, I would grab it as soon as I could.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and there are a lot of funny sign boards from around the world!

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