Hilarious Street Posters That Would Blow Your Mind

We see many posters while walking around streets. Most of them try to convey something important. Be it a lost cat, an apartment for rent, or a job listing, all the street posters are important to somebody.

The only problem with street posters is that they are really dull or extremely bright. There is no perfect street poster. A street poster should not be too bright or too dull. It should be bright enough to attract attention. The information that needs to be portrayed should be highlighted and eye catchy, so that others can understand it.

Sometimes, the posters tend to be useless too, giving out information that is completely useless. Bringing everyone’s attention to that kind of poster, actor Jason Saenz and artist Saenz Signs have started posting a series of street posters and the wit in these posters is fantastic.

Check out these hilarious street posters that would make you go ROFL!!!

  • Somebody is trying to sell Stoop:

  • How to post a poster for a missing half of poster? This is how:

  • Would someone buy a new ladder for the reward?

  • Missing numbers:

  • Missing self esteem:

  • Missing period key from keyboard:

  • Better photographer wanted:

  • Invitation to a burglar:

  • There is no pole to stick posters on:

  • How to portray that you are blind?

  • Crazy auditions for a drummer for a band:

  • Wanted dead or alive. Not a person, but the album Dead or Alive:

  • Free living room coach:

  • Lost dog. Please call:

  • Oh!! This one is extremely yucky!!!

These posters were created just for humor and some people did actually take them seriously!!

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