A Hilarious Take on Love Life after Marriage

‘Love is eternal’ and we wouldn’t dare argue with that fact. People are usually seen expressing their love to their partners in beautiful ways. However, with time, the way they express their love changes. The bond remains unharmed, but the change in gesture reminds you that marriage has made its way into your love life!

  • I Love You!

It’s funny how marriage changes the way couples respond to – I love you. After marriage, you will probably hear it less. However, it becomes more of expressing your feeling rather than simply typing it.

  • Charming Your Partner

Though you have still got your charms intact, the things for which you use your talent changes.

  • Movie Nights

They go from Yaee to Naee. Earlier, it would be sprinkled with some lovely intimate moments. But later they get replaced by lazing on the sofa with your partner’s company.

  • Wardrobe Issues

Meeting your partner on a date night would require long hours of serious discussions with your friends to decide on your outfit. Not to mention the numerous trial sessions. But post wedding, it’s all about enjoying yourself and living in your own skin. 

  • You Mean the World to Me


Prior to marriage, when you say You mean the world to me ’, it’s all about assurances and promises to solidify and declare your love for each other (You would probably do this by getting a tattoo done). Later on, it takes a U-turn and becomes a test. Simple things such as giving a helping hand in managing daily chores keeps the marriage sparkling and alive.

  • Sleep Patterns

The cute, lovey dovey positions are replaced by hilarious blanket fights. And of course, the random positions you sleep in with your legs tangled in funny ways.

  • Date Night

This has a totally different meaning after wedding. The weekends change dramatically. Before you would have probably explored new places and visited your friends. But later, your perfect definition of a date night would be a delicious home-cooked meal with your partner.

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