Hilarious takes aimed directly at book nerds

In this era of Internet, when people love getting information online, the love for books still exists. Some memes are directed towards these nerds.

  • Narnia has been a big hit with kids living in the world of fantasy. When Lucy says that a whole world exists in her closet neither Edmund nor Peter believes her. But then Aslan the lion stresses that she is correct and kids are all the more amazed to see a talking lion.

  • When the male writers express a female character, it goes beyond words. They go to the minutest detail.

  • How about a book regarding the difficulties watching Pride and the Prejudice in French.

  • What a plot!! A pretentious male supposed to fall in love with a manic pixie girl instead falls for another of his kind.

  • John Green’s style is known for deep messages, intellectual language, compassion and humor wrapped up in a way that teenagers love to read it. But, this dig at him is hilarious.

  • If Roald Dahl had been alive today, he surely would have died many deaths seeing kids spending all their time with the smartphone rather than books.

  • Why do boys need to prove that they are intelligent when they are actually dumb most of the times? If you haven’t read a book, better keep your mouth shut than trying to impress a girl and look like a fool instead.

  • Who has not read Fifty Shades? …But did you realize that these quotes were there or will you read it again to see if they really were?

  • What an improvement on Twilight quote…hahaha

  • Are you seriously thinking of correcting about Frankenstein?

  • Those who love books need to spend sometime playing video games too..only then you will understand it.

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