Hilarious Tumblr Posts that are guaranteed to make you Laugh

Tumblr is a blogging platform like Blogger and WordPress and it is one of the most active one. Even Amitabh Bachchan has a Tumblr blog. Now a Tumblr blog isn’t just serious and melancholy all the time. It is downright funny some days of the week. There are blogs on Tumblr that are even funnier than your favorite comedian’s standup comedy.

Here are some of our best picks from these funny Tumblr blogs:

  • The massacre of a clove in a Biryani:

This image is exactly how it feels and inside your head, you are cursing yourself, the biryani maker and even the spoon which you used to take that bite!

  • Finding out that your answer was wrong:

Realizing or finding out whether you wrote the wrong answer is the most excruciating pain a person could get right after the exam. He/she comes out thinking that they did wonderfully on their test and someone else or they themselves break their illusion and shatter their dream!

  • When all your parents could think of is getting you married:

This is a real problem folks! Parents would say “good” for everything but if you do something like this, they would be proud of you. It is true!

  • What Rickshaw Ride does to your hair:

It is not just ladies who have this problem. Even men have similar problems. They put in 15 minutes to set their hair just right! After rickshaw ride, their hair starts looking like Maunjolika only!!!

  • Mom and Friend of Opposite Sex:

The questions that arise in mom’s head are even more hilarious. Who is he? What does he do? Why did he say hi to you? I think I need to talk to his parents! And when you ask why, the reply is I am your mother, don’t cross question me!!!

These memes did make you laugh. I know because I laughed so hard that I cried!!!

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