Hilarious Tweets That Show Relatable Dialogues from Our Elders

Our elders have always bugged us with what we want to do in our future. They have been a constant part of each and everything in our life. They are the best at comparing their life with ours. They constantly tell us that we would only understand their torment when we have kids.

The torment part may be true, but sometimes these elders go out of their way to thrust their wishes on their young ones. If you have been on the receiving end of such thrusting or comparison or dialogues, then you would relate to these dialogues:

  • When We Were Your Age:

This is like the pet dialogue of all the parents. When we were your age, we did this, we did that!

  • #DadStories:

My dad says, when I was your age, I had 0% body fat! Stop having Maggi and the rest of the junk. In my time, these things weren’t even there!

  • Landline Calls:

It is simple now. All we need is a WhatsApp Number or an Instagram Handle! BBM is old as well!

  • Logic Took a Big Hit Today:

Uncle has a timeline, which is six years faster than normal human beings. He is a super human.

  • Distractions of Today:

Anurag is right! Not just Netflix, there are many other online video streaming portals in today’s world and they are awesome and really distracting.

  • Future Music:

Currently, our elders use the same dialogue on us. They say that songs in their time had lyrics and music. The current music is just noise. May be we will feel the same for future songs.

  • Uber, Ola and the Rest of the Cab Companies:

That’s absolutely true!

Generations change and so do the elders, but the dialogues remain the same. Hope this brought back some of your childhood memories.

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