Hilarious Tweets after Viewers Realised That the Latest Season of KBC Might Have a Political Agenda

The ninth season of KBC is on air and viewers didn’t fail to notice that it has political tinge attached to it this time. It looks like that this time around it has come with a pro-BJP agenda propagating the various welfare schemes and initiatives taken by the BJP government.

All the main sponsors of the show are also strong BJP supporters be it Patanjali, Jio or Adani fortune.

  •    You know about all BJP’s initiatives and you are sure to get one question correct.


  •    Are you sure AB that everyone pays their taxes honestly? Computer mahashay seems to differ from your viewpoint.

  •    Have an option of calling a tax inspector in ‘phone a friend’ lifeline? Chances are that the right option would be locked before even giving a reply.

  •    What has aadhaar card got to do with answering a question to help a friend on hot seat? Mr. Bachchan, please specify.

  •    Sir, please change your statement, ‘aayiye milkar khelte hai KBC’ when you don’t help with the answers.

  •      Tweeter is feeling left out since Mr. Bachchan is busy with KBC.

  •    If Salman is on hot seat, this is how it will proceed when AB wants him to confirm his answer.

  •    Why will I take 50-50 when I like only Oreo?

  •    What will a KBC fan say to his wife in the middle of sex? “Hooter baja gaya devi ji ,ab  to ye khel kal hi khela jayega.”

  •    For Delhi guys, it’s not KBC but K   BC.

  •    Looks like only the dukhi aatmayen having loans on their heads are allowed to participate this time in KBC.

  •    If you think you are smart and take Google baba’s help in answering a question, KBC is smarter and they have thus introduced video calling.

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