These Hilarious Videos of Uncle Francis Are Sure to Tickle Your Funny Bones

By now, you should have heard of this stereotypical Tamilian Uncle Francis aka Naveen Richard who has created a buzz online with his hilarious videos. If not, it’s time to check out these short funny clips and you will soon be rolling over the floor laughing uncontrollably.

  • Once you are through with watching this video of Uncle ‘Prawn-Jizz’ trying to explain his name to a mystified Kenny Sebastian, you will realize that effortless humour comes naturally to this Indian comedian. It’s his accent that makes the whole thing even funnier.
  • What a funny way to figure out why his wife wants him to consume a specific type of medicine! His stand-up act will most certainly make you laugh out loud.
  • Take a look at how uncle cribs about ladies finger being a staple part of his daily meals prepared at home – though in a humorous way.
  • Looks like Uncle Francis has something bizarre to say about almost any situation that you can think of. Look for yourself what he has to complain about not being able to use normal soap.
  • Here’s yet another wacky escapade of this cool Uncle. Find out what he has to say while unboxing the new pressure cooker that his wife has purchased.
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