Hilarious ways to describe Products that we use Daily!

We see so many advertisements relating to almost every product that we use on a day-to-day basis. These products are often used in a different way than what they were designed or intended to. Let’s try to add the two flavours together and see the fun.

  •    The two minute Maggie noodles are often used as a survival kit by one and all, right from kids, bachelors to housewives.

  •    The Old Monk is young enough to keep you warm in sub-zero temperatures.

  •    Who cares about dental care…all we care is that people at home should not know that we smoke and Mint is perfect for it.

  •    The Indian kids are disciplined for decades using this humble piece of instrument that was definitely not designed for the purpose it is used.

  •    You want to pretend that you don’t give a damn… just put it on.

  •    Having a shelf full of intellectual books in your room is enough to make that perfect first impression.

  •    Mankind is finally evolving ….no need to waste words when smileys can do wonders right from making an impression to damage control.

  •    Why worry about acidity when the tasty solution is there to give you instant relief…so grab on all that junk food without tension.

  •    Who needs an alarm clock…just have that strong black coffee and believe me you will not even wink all through the night.

  •    A multipurpose device called newspaper which serves as a table mat, insect killer and what not.

  •    It’s insane to waste water when you have a deodorant.

  •    Uno is going strong for close to fifty years now testing friendships forever.

  •    Facebook is the one that has taken the responsibility of making you aware of what’s going on in the life of your friends and how you are lacking behind.

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